Two hours from Johannesburg

Two hours from Johannesburg, the sun is setting across a clouded sky below as I look west toward America well beyond the horizon I can see… same sunset, not the same place as usual. Thanks to miles, I am in business class, a splurge which happened to work this time since I booked well ahead. It seems so incongruous to be so pampered flying above this continent called home by so many who live a life where having even a notion of sitting in the seat in which I find myself will never be within reach. It is not simply a matter of being able to afford this, it is that so many will never even know that such a thing exists as flying such a distance with all the food and drink you want available for the asking and while watching the movie of your choice or seeing where you are floating along on a map. We live in such different worlds and yet not. I am grateful beyond words for all the blessings I have in this life and yearn to make some sense of the whole scheme of things before I am done. Hopefully in the process of seeing and learning, I will be able to use whatever talents or resources I have to help some of those who could just as easily have been me and my family but for the miracle of having been born one place and not the other. It is troubling in the deepest way, and I pray for wisdom, insight and courage for all of humanity to come to a better understanding of how to share the abundance we have across the nations and to care for ourselves, all of us, and our planet.

Great encouragement for me was spending time with my Danish son equivalent, his lovely and brilliant South African wife and their beyond adorable British daughter in the suburbs of London on the way – what a treat for the self-appointed American mother and now grandmother by them!

A night in the airport hotel in Johannesburg and then meeting up with fellow GAIA travelers on our way to Malawi tomorrow morning.

Love and gratitude to family and friends near and far!

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1 Response to Two hours from Johannesburg

  1. johnrexharrIson says:

    Lovely thoughts – sleep well – have a safe trip

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